Connecting creators & consumers
through products

Replacing the barcode

Attach or embed 3FA's custom authentication tags to digitize your products

Activate direct marketing, token-gated events, media, and commerce all with a single, dynamic ID

  • D2C Engagement: Send notifications, updates, or messages
  • Token-gated media: Grant exclusive access to media or IRL events
  • Physical royalties: Promote circularity while generating self-sustaining revenue steams

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"This is the only physical, digital solution that makes sense" — Global GM, Fanatics
Physical meets digital

A new way to connect with your audience: both IRL & online

Transform your current offerings and bring onchain utility to life.

Product Friendly

We work with hardware and materials experts to custom source anti-counterfeit IDs for your collectibles, art, & luxury goods.

Digitally Native

Each unique Digital ID is non-fungible, composable, and interoperable - pluging in and out of 3rd party services

Marketplace Friendly

Using a dynamic digital signature scheme, we suport integration with physical marketplaces, enabling seamless resale and provenance

Simple Interface

We work with our partners to abstract everything possible, from minting to engagement, to resale, all to give your consumers the best user experience possible

Tap-to-Pay -> Tap-to-Interact

Blockchain, without the difficulty

Each physical ID is backed by an NFT that powers its security and digital utility. Our #1 goal is creating a simple ownership experience. No seed phrases, no transaction approvals, no minting required.

    Powering engagement in one platform

    Easily manage content and maintain product integrity the way you intend. Integrate with partners, track secondary sales, send messages and more all from a single-connected platform.

    Crossing the Web3 Chasm


    We're combining the latest tech in payments, abstraction, and wallet infrastructure so that your consumers can focus on the only thing that matters, the product.


    Extend the product lifecycle, collect royalties, and promote product circularity

    We work directly with resale partners to empower customers with seamless, single-click resale.

    Digital Asset Management

    A CRM for your products

    Connect with your audience, fan base, or consumers with a single platform.



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    For specific inquiries, you can get in touch at:

    What is an NFC tag? Is it the same as an RFID?

    NFC (Near Field Communication) tags are small wireless devices enabling data transfer between two devices, think Apple Pay and Google Pay. They are a type of RFID that can store secure info, process payments and now sign on-chain transactions.

    How large are the tags? How are they attached to goods.

    Our tags are paper thin and can be as small as 1.5cm in diameter.

    You can attach them on packaging or embed them within the manufacturing process. Alternatively they also work as a standalone tag of authenticity.

    How do you ensure tags stay connected to their digital twins?

    Our tags support dynamic transfer policies that enable consumers, marketplaces, and brands to transfer assets - only if certain criteria are met (signing, approvals, etc)

    How long is a standard NFC tags lifespan?

    Each tag is passive and uses the receiver's power (typically a mobile phone). This means if tags are kept in good condition, they operate over the expected 50 year lifespan.

    What happens if someone removes the tag?

    Tags come with the option of being tamper proof. If a bad actor were to try and remove the tag, an antenna would trigger a notification.Tamper proofing can be useful for protecting against fraudulent returns or securing high value goods where safety or longevity are important (pharma, industrial electronics, collectibles, art).

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